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Green Dragon Morris was formed in 1993 with a view to creating a mixed group of men and women dancers with a different style to the other established West Suffolk sides 

Experienced and totally novice dancers struggled with rants, capers  and sticking whilst experimenting with various styles and dances.

We were smiling and laughing most during the North West and Border dances so we decided to combine those styles  plus anything else that takes our fancy..

As with all traditions we have moved on from those beginnings and have created and borrowed dances from other sides ..

 At the risk of sounding like a Chinese takeaway we took our name from a local historical reference : 

" The Morris men's drink allowances were taken at the Green Dragon in Guildhall Street "

( John Oakes' Diaries 1741-1829 )

To add to our local identity , our logo above was created by Deborah Martin , who was inspired by a dragon carving at Norwich cathedral ......

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