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Dances and their tunes

Please feel free to use any of our dances, all we ask is that you credit us where it is due ( or the original group or person from whom the dance was purloined)

At the end  we hope to place some midi files and dance notes of some of the basic dances & music, which should help you with some of the dances. If you have any difficulty interpreting the dance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dance  / (  Tune  ) 


Alexander park road stick dance

 ( Speed the plough )


 ( Humours / bad boys )

Black Dog

 (Bear Dance )

Black Witch

 (Sportsman’s  Hornpipe )

-Important note : developed from a Boggart dance - many thanx )


 ( This old man / Rochdale coconut dance)

Daisy Wheel 

 ( Peacock Feathers  ) 

Farrell's Revenge 

( Whiskey in the Jar     ) 



 (Four-up )

Hey on the Wye

 (Redesdale hornpipe )

Jenny Lind

 (Jenny Lind )

Just William   

 (Shave the donkey / Buttered Peas )


 (Barrett stick dance / Fairy Dance )


 (Bluebell polka )

Ring Of Bells

 (Ring Of Bells )

Rochester thistle

 ( Dark girl dressed in blue)

- Important note : a Witchmen dance - many thanx

Salmon Slapping

 (Click go the shears)


 (British Grenadiers )

The Prisoner

 (Off to California )

September 4th 

( Chameleon ) 

- Important note : a Hunters Moon / Dartmoor Border Morris  dance - many thanx   

The Feud 

( I'll go enlist a sailor ) 

- Important note : a Bakanalia dance - many thanx   

Three jolly black sheepskins

 (Tom Long's post )

Tinners Rabbit

 ( Uncle bernards )


 (Theme Vanettaise )

Upton Snodsbury  

 (Staten Island  /  Waltzing Mathilda / Walter Bulwar)

Up Mill Steps 

(Rakes of Mallow ) 

Upton stick dance

 (Upton stick dance )

Vandals of Hammerwich

 (Vandals of Hammerwich )

White ladies Aston

 (White ladies Aston )

Wrekin havok

 (Harvest home )

Wych hey

 (Not for Joe )

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