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Date       Venue          ( O = past)


2022   ( Pub start time 7:30 pm - ish  ) 

We are now practising again after the 18 months off because of COVID. ........Huzzah !

We are now available to be booked for fetes , festivals , parties , pubs etc ... just get in touch with Andy - see the contacts page  :)

   ( Hope to see you  :) ) 

Halesworth Day Of Dance                   Sat 2nd April  11am +

Hundon St Georges Day                      Sun 24th April 

Rochester Sweeps Festival                  Sat 30th April  10am + 

South Suffolk Show                               Sun 8th May 

Nut Shell , BSE                                      Mon 9th May 

Angel Hill , BSE ( with Bury Fair )         Wed 18th May

Boudicca Day Of Dance                       Sat 28th May

White Horse , Beyton                             Mon 30th May

Summer Solstice , Hawkedon                Tue 21st June

Tollgate Inn , Ingham                              Mon 27th June

Sheringham Potties Festival                   Sat 2nd July

Ely Folk Festival                                      Sat 9th July


Cambridge Country Show                      Sun 7th Aug 

Hawstead Fete                                        Sun 4th Sept 

Stowmarket Music Day   ( cancelled  )    Sat 10th Sept

The Dove , BSE      ( cancelled )              Mon 19th Sept


     ( Cancellations due to Queen Elisabeth's death ) 

Long Melford Xmas Fair                          Sat 26th Nov ( noon ) 

Angel Hill , BSE                                       Sun 11th Dec 11 am  

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